Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance is fine for short stays in Bali but long term expatriates in Indonesia need a different kind of insurance.

In Bali medical treatment of a reasonable international standard is usually not available. Where it is available the costs can be very expensive. Many people just don’t realise the costs involved with medical treatment until they receive the bill.

If you do get seriously ill or injured you will require emergency evacuation to somewhere like Singapore, Australia or even your home country and the cost of same could wipe out your savings. (The last time a client was evacuated from Bali the bill was US$ 35,000.)

Highway Bali Consulting Services can advise you on exactly the right type of insurance to suit your situation. We provide a selection of quality international private medical insurance plans designed by people who have been and still are expats today.

Highway Bali Consulting Services is the fully authorized representative and agent in Bali for InterGlobal, an award winning specialist medical insurance provider. Registered in England with representative offices world-wide, including Indonesia, emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“InterGlobal is an international health insurance provider, plan administrator and claims handler with operations worldwide. We offer a range of international health insurance products providing extensive medical insurance protection for expatriates, those traveling abroad for long periods and companies.”

Our plans give you access to an International Helpline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Help and assistance is only a phone call away. The International Helpline will provide you with advice, help and assistance in emergencies. They will pre-authorise your in-patient and daycare treatment claims and settle them direct with the treatment providers.

The International Helpline is staffed by a trained and experienced team of multi-lingual coordinators with around the clock access to a panel of duty doctors and nurses. The International Helpline staff has direct access to a worldwide network of regionally-based medical assistance providers who have a wide range of local knowledge, with on-the-spot experience and who speak the local language. This combination of personal service and dedicated help is at your disposal and for your benefit as a possessor of InterGlobal Health Insurance. So you can have peace of mind, whether you are an expatriate, traveling abroad for an extended period, or on international business.

We can provide the cover you need so you can relax about your health; enjoy yourself and the experience of being an expat.

Highway™ Bali Consulting Services offers you complete control over your Bali based business and real estate investments. We strongly advise you to contact us for a free and no obligation first consultation before finalising any investment in Bali.

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