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In Indonesia, as elsewhere in the world, your Immigration status is of vital importance. Records show that about 85% of all legal problems here in Bali arise from visa use issues, mainly for not having the correct type of visa for your situation.

Having the correct type of visa is very important but the number of different options and requirements plus the language barrier can often lead to confusion. There are also other problems such as unlicensed Immigration agents and even counterfeit visas adding to the mix.

Highway Consulting Services has been assisting expatriates in Bali with their Immigration requirements for many years. We have the experience and the connections to reliably provide you with the correct visa for your situation and ensure that you are 100% in compliance with Indonesian Immigration law.

From extensions or renewal of your current visa to sponsoring your own KITAS (work visa) we can ensure that you do not encounter any legal problems or suffer unnecessary expense due to visa issues.

Another advantage of using Highway’s visa services is that you never have to stand in the line at the Immigration office. You never need to obtain stamps or fill out applications. You never even have to talk with officials. You don’t pay any extra money. We do it all for you, totally turnkey at a fixed price.

Highway™ Bali Consulting Services offers you complete control over your Bali based business and real estate investments. We strongly advise you to contact us for a free and no obligation first consultation before finalising any investment in Bali.

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